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Full Self Driving Subscription: Tesla Wants Customers To Pay $199 Monthly

Full Self Driving Subscription: Tesla Wants Customers To Pay $199 Monthly
Full Self Driving Subscription: Tesla Wants Customers To Pay $199 Monthly

Tesla has been the best electric car maker on the planet, its next-level features, battery life, durability, and autopilot systems make it the No.1 EV company. But, you need to pay for the upgrade if you want to enjoy the fully automatic experience of Tesla. The new electric carmaker has started the subscription plan to get its “Full Self Driving Subscription” services.

Tesla’s website says if customers want to access FSD (Full Self-Driving) mode, they will get access to the premium driver assistance features, developed to assist you with active guidance.

Eligibility For The Full Self-driving Subscription:

If you want to purchase FSD mode for your vehicle you can get it only if you have an FSD computer 3.0 or above. If you have an older version of FSD you can always upgrade it to 3.0 but it will cost you an extra 1500$. You can subscribe to FSD ability from the Tesla app or Tesla Account. To check eligibility simply go to Autopilot configuration from your vehicle’s touchscreen and select ‘Controls’ > ‘Software’ > ‘Additional Vehicle Information.’

There won’t be any hardware upgrades with the FSD subscription, all you need to do is purchase it separately. It is necessary to have an FSD computer if you want to subscribe to this feature, you must schedule an appointment to install the FSD computer on your vehicle from the Tesla app.

Price Of The Full Self Driving Subscription:

There are two types of subscriptions, the Basic Autopilot FSD capability costs $199.00 per month, and the Enhanced Autopilot FSD capability $99.00 per month.

How To Subscribe:

 If you want to subscribe to these new features, you can do that on ‘Upgrades’ in your Tesla app or sign in to your Tesla Account there you’ll find the procedure and remember to select and subscribe to the correct vehicle if you have multiple vehicles. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. Minimum FSD capability features can be continued even after your cancellation is processed.

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