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Can a Tesla float in water? Yes, but do not try it
Can a Tesla float in water? Yes, but do not try it

Can a Tesla float? Do Tesla vehicles have the ability to float and even act as a boat for a short time? No matter how hard it is to believe it does seem to be possible. Unlike gasoline-driven cars, Tesla vehicles won’t instantly suffer from taking on water.

In simple terms can your Tesla float? Yes for a short period of time, but just because it can, you don’t need to go all James Bond and try to do it, def. Not recommended. Model S floats well enough to call it somewhat of a boat for a short period of time. Thrust via wheel rotation. As the CEO Elon Musk had tweeted it’s not advisable at all.

Why and How can a Tesla float?

It is because of their wide, skateboard-style, encased battery pack, they’ll probably float for a bit. As inner-workings won’t fail for a small amount of time, drivers can accelerator to propel their Tesla through the water. As Tesla cars house high-tech electronic devices and are all-electric themselves because it would be really troublesome if water were to get inside.

Turns out that at the factories, Tesla does ensure that cars are tested for their water wading capacities.  Even though it can float for a bit it’s important to get the car out of the water as soon as possible. It’s not a boat, it’s going to sink, and most likely will sustain lasting damage. Though if absolutely necessary one can utilize this to save themselves or others in emergency situations.

Elon Musk Tweet about Can a Tesla float?

That is what happened in China, where a Tesla Model 3 was spotted moving through a flooded road up to its front hood. You could say that Elon Musk’s tweet might be an inspiration for Tesla owners with sheer bravado or necessity to try and pull these stunts off.  Keeping the tests conducted and Elon Musk’s tweets aside it would still be too ambitious to try and run your Tesla through water (and be extra careful if you are somehow driving it nearby a pool).

None of the Tesla’s presently have a specified “boat mode”. Elon Musk had joked about it in the past about an amphibious Cybertruck but nothing seems to come to be at completion. At least as of now.

Some interesting clips posted by Tesla users on Twitter

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Do Not Try this with your Tesla

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