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Tesla on the Hunt for Mean Social Media Posts About Elon Musk
Tesla on the Hunt for Mean Social Media Posts About Elon Musk

Tesla’s clean-energy division “Tesla Energy” apparently has an entire squadron dedicated to contemplating the internet for customer complaints & people belittling its CEO Elon Musk on a Tesla Twitter account. Employees were also allegedly instructed to dig for consumer complaints and urge them to delete their posts about Elon Musk.

A team of 20+ employees searched for consumer complaints on social media and review sites, while a separate group of 9 were on the lookout for tweets that were specific to Musk. Insight from a former employee whose previous role was maneuvering complaints about Tesla’s official customer service, as opposed to the ones that were posted on social media.

Though, they told the point of sale that during their “downtime” at work they should also search the internet for aggrieved Tesla customers. Which was almost nonexistent according to her, as they were already working through breaks to steer clear of getting buried with concerns from Tesla’s customer service pipeline alone.

Another former employee who was a Manager at Tesla Energy until last year said employees were to scour social media “to basically just search for #TeslaEnergy, #Elon or anything that regards tags with Tesla and Energy and Elon”. This seems to be true as the job listing Tesla had put forward earlier this year as seeking for full-time employees to “address social media upsurges aimed at the CEO”. It was first spotted by Jay Boller* on Twitter.

Why assign a team to scour for complaints and mean posts on Tesla twitter concerning about Elon Musk?

It could be considered as a smart move on Tesla’s part given the history of expensive legal backlashes for Musk’s bad tweets.

The reason being customers could sometimes receive a quicker response by complaining about social media rather than having to go through Tesla’s customer service channels. One of the customers who was having a problem with their solar roof contract spoke that their dedicated project manager told them, to go online and complain on Twitter or Facebook because she said the only thing this company pays attention to is social media sentiment.

But even after posting about the issue on Twitter, Tesla apparently never reached out. There was a report in May encircling the company’s reportedly ghosting of customers for months. If you’re facing a problem in getting a response from Tesla Energy reps, your best bet might just be to talk smack about them on social media.

How the scuffle with cryptocurrency has fueled hatred towards Elon Musk?

Musk’s tweets had astronomically boosted the value of cryptocurrency, and he was considered as a meme messiah who’d change the world’s financial system. He played a vital role in making Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other cryptos mainstream. But all that has rolled to an abrupt end, the tides are changing, as Tesla out of the blue announced that it’ll stop accepting Bitcoin payments due to environmental concerns.  It has led to Crypto enthusiasts considering StopElon** to be a movement as a shield from Musk’s manipulation.

The dip in Bitcoin’s value was recorded to be more than 40% within a few minutes. He also had suggested that Tesla had sold, or was looking into selling its substantial stake in Bitcoin, which lead to yet another precipitously fall. On the official site of StopElon, it reads, A community created to destroy the biggest market manipulator of all. He’s toying with people’s portfolios, like the self-absorbed billionaire he is.

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*– Jay Boller is a freelance writer in Minneapolis, whose previous occupation was as the web editor for City Pages.

** – STOPELON is a meme cryptocurrency.

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