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Everyone is impressed with Folding phones, but they want to wait to buy them
Everyone is impressed with Folding phones, but they want to wait to buy them

The release of Folding phones has caught the attention of the public, and it wouldn’t be overstating to say, they’ve impressed the public. That is despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sits at $1,380.

Sales are not great for Folding phones

Don’t be confused I said impressed everyone, not certainly convinced everyone to buy one. Eventually, we might all be carrying devices with foldable screens, especially because they promise to combine the benefits of a phone along with a bigger-screen tablet in a single gadget. People want to wait before they buy them, why you ask. This article will help you get an idea, of why you must wait too.

The Durability

Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip is the most durable folding phone, however, since it has some glass elements that add rigidity, it still has a very fragile plastic cover over the screen. If that cover gets damaged by something, the whole screen breaks.

Most normal phones have some version of Corning’s Gorilla Glass that won’t break, so as to sustain a little damage. Once the screens are much more protected, it would be easier to recommend foldable phones.

The Price

Folding phones are still priced way too expensively. Samsung’s first folding phone, the Galaxy Fold, is still available at $1,980. The Galaxy Z Flip costs $1,380. While the Motorola RAZR on Verizon costs $1,500.

Because you’re spending a lot of money for a phone that, besides offering a folding display, is a little less powerful than similarly priced phones with regular glass displays.

If companies such as Samsung figure out how to make glass cheaper, the prices of these gadgets will come down. Thus, they will be more appealing to the everyday consumer.


The designs of the current crop of foldable phones don’t offer many benefits to its users. The Galaxy Z Flip folds down to a square that might be better for tiny pockets, however, there doesn’t seem any other real benefit to the design. The Galaxy Fold has a nice big 7-inch display that’s similar to a tablet, however, the outside screen is so small that the experience of using it when the phone is closed isn’t satisfying.

Batteries are often bulky, for one thing, and they would need to get much thinner so that the manufacturers can make folding phones with slimmer profiles.

The camera is ok at best

The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is not a camera-centric phone. With such a high price, you’d expect every element of the phone to be absolutely flagship quality, along with camera capabilities equaling any of today’s top-end devices. That’s not quite the case with the Z Flip it’s one of the least impressive sensor/lens rosters on a smartphone that costs this much. Still, it covers the regular wide as well as ultrawide regions with two cameras on its back along with an inner camera that can be used for selfies or video calls.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 still runs the same cameras as the Z Flip 5G, while falling near the range of the Samsung S22 ultra and iPhone 13 Pro Max, at $1,199.99 and $1,099.00, respectively.


All of this takes time, as folding screens are still in their infancy. Samsung has done a great job proving people can buy gadgets that were once only fiction. Its devices will only get better as new iterations release each year. In time, prices will come down, screens will get stronger, and the devices will also get thinner. However, until these changes occur, the general public would consider buying phones with folding screens as buying high-end sports cars: because the only people who would buy them, will be those that can buy them, to just own them. 

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