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Apple employees go against Apple on the new rule

Apple employees go against Apple on the new rule HalfofThe
Apple employees go against Apple on the new rule HalfofThe

Apple’s employees are not in favor of a decision made by Tim Cook regarding the new work from office rule. In a recent statement by Tim Cook, he mentioned “Employees should be returning to office in the fall”. He also stated that “We expect everyone to work from the office on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.” This started concerns internally in Apple.

Apple employees top concerns mentioned in their reply

In an internal email sent to Tim Cook by employees, they mentioned their concerns on returning to office.

“We are formally requesting that Apple considers remote and location-flexible work decisions to be as autonomous for a team to decide as are hiring decisions.”

“We are formally requesting a company-wide recurring short survey with a clearly structured and transparent communication/feedback process at the company-wide level, organization-wide level, and team-wide level, covering topics listed below.”

Source: The Verge

Apple employees also stressed out the most key point in their formal letter. They went on to mention the environmental impact if all employees drive back to the office. (This is a huge deal for Apple because they did remove charging bricks in their new devices raising concerns over environmental impact.)

“We are formally requesting insight into the environmental impact of returning to onsite in-person work, and how permanent remote-and-location flexibility could offset that impact.”

“We are formally requesting a transparent, clear plan of action to accommodate disabilities via onsite, offsite, remote, hybrid, or otherwise location-flexible work.”

Source: The Verge

Apple employees are usually not seen as very vocal about company policies or rules. They are usually quiet in media, unlike Google and other companies. But, recently we see a lot of employees being vocal about internal issues.

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