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I think one of the best inventions of humanity would be the dishwasher. I mean who likes a big pile of dirty dishes and spends hours cleaning them? No one. Dishwasher has saved so much time and made cleaning dishes easier because you can efficiently clean a huge load of dishes in one single time. But obviously, every good thing comes with a downfall. It has made a lot of us very lethargic because each of your dirty utensils is getting washed without any worry and effort from your side.

Another thing to always remember is that not all kitchen items can be included while washing them in a dishwasher. It cleans most of the kitchen items but it is better to not put these 11 things that we have listed below into your dishwasher and save yourself from damage.

11 items you must refrain from adding to your dishwasher

11 Items You Should Never Put in The Dishwasher
11 Items You Should Never Put in The Dishwasher

Any kind of Cast Iron

Do not put your cast iron utensils in the dishwasher if you wish for them to not get rusted. Dishwashers will remove the seasoning on the cast iron in every wash.

Hand-painted Crystals or Glassware

The equivalent of throwing them right on the floor. The glassware can be extremely reactive to heat and might result in getting cracked or even worse the detergent might cause it to chip off and it’ll never look the same as shiny it was.

Non-stick pots and pans

Most of the non-stick pans and other items are made with a Teflon coating and putting them in the dishwasher can strip this coating and it might be ‘non-stick’ anymore. Always better to hand wash them than put them in the dishwasher.  

Hollow Handle knives

These knives are usually very temporary to use. They are loosely attached by adhesives and they cannot withstand the cycles of the dishwasher hence they might easily get detached or loosened.

Kitchen Knives

Just like hollow handle knives, kitchen knives are equally fragile. The dishwasher cycle can cause these knives to lose their sharpness and may also be prone to scratches from other objects in the dishwasher.

Wooden spoons and spatulas

11 Items You Should Never Put in The Dishwasher
11 Items You Should Never Put in The Dishwasher

Make sure they are dishwasher friendly but to be on the safer side refrain from putting any wooden items in the dishwasher as they are extremely prone to get cracked or chipped or get detached because of the cycles and temperatures of the dishwasher.

Gold-Trim plates and cutlery

Plates or cutlery that come with a gold kind of plating on the rims or sides must not go inside a dishwasher. They will for sure get chipped and come off in every wash.

Disposable soft plastics

Most plastics are dishwasher safe although it is always recommended to check for the manufacturer’s instructions. Disposable plastics on the other hand are not as rigid and strong as any Tupperware and it is best to wash such containers by hand. Note that, if you think certain plastic can withstand the heat of the dishwasher, always load them on the top rack. 

Cans and bottles

Cans and bottles can be recycled and putting them in the dishwasher to rinse off any leftovers is a bad idea, instead do it by hand. These might ruin the efficacy of the dishwasher by clogging the spray arms.

Disposable Aluminium

They will probably be the last ones to get affected but these may damage the insides of the dishwasher.

Gold colored Flatware

They might look really pretty and beautiful for their charming gold color but are the first ones to fade if you put them in a dishwasher.

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