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How to use google fi cellular service with any phone

How to use google fi cellular service with any phone
How to use google fi cellular service with any phone

The world runs on the internet and what can be better than to use Google Fi. Having a strong as well as an economical internet service provider is very hard to find. Well, Google has got you covered on those two important specs as it is providing internet at a very economical price. But there is a catch, not all devices are compatible with Google Fi.

If you do not want to spend money on a device that is compatible with google fi you can follow the below steps to use Google Fi with your device.

  1. You can sign up for a google fi account by using your Gmail address, once you have completed your login you can go ahead and order your google fi sim card.
  2. If you don’t have a compatible device borrow a google fi compatible phone for the time being to set up the google fi sim card, switch that phone off as well as your device, and swap the sim card in the phone, make sure that the borrowed phone has the project fi app installed in the phone.
  3. Switch on the new device with the project fi sim and, as soon as the phone switches on you will receive a notification stating that the google fi registration is incomplete, open the app and make sure that your Google account is logged in the app (the google account must be the one affiliate to google fi).
  4. You will have the choice of choosing a new number or you can also opt for choosing the google voice number that can also be used for transferring your personal information, you need to select the option and click on save.
  5. As the app is activated it will take time to transfer its data from google voice. Once the setup is complete check out the google fi app. The window will show the data connection and will provide you with the internet as soon as possible.
  6. To check whether it is working, make some test calls and text messages to check if the service is promising.
  7. Now switch back the sim to the old device and let the google f1 system set up and get connected.
  8. Voila! you can now use Google Fi in your non-compatible device.

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