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How to set an alarm on iOS 15 without having to scroll the wheel?

How to set an alarm on iOS 15 without having to scroll the wheel?
How to set an alarm on iOS 15 without having to scroll the wheel?

Apple has a default method to set an alarm on an iPhone, a wheel is used instead of a numeric keypad. However, you can temporarily change that.

Apple likes to gamble with you as well as the time you’re going to wake up. If you are using the iPhone, you will be setting an alarm by rotating the numbers on a “wheel,” going round and round until you hit 5:00 or whatever time you desire. Except, if you happen to slip even the slightest bit, that alarm could be set for 4:59, which might be annoying but workable. Or it could just as easily be set for 5:59, which might leave an impact on your salary prospects.

If you are setting it on the 12-hour clock instead of the 24, you also have the separate AM/PM button. It somehow manages to get slightly worse on the Apple Watch where setting an alarm time is closer to a tense game than a useful tool. However, there are ways to make it even better on the iPhone.

How to set an alarm while skipping the wheel and type what alarm time you want?

  • On the iPhone, tap on Clock, then tap on Alarm
  • Tap on an existing alarm time, or tap the + sign to create a new one
  • When the wheel appears, tap and hold on to it for a few seconds. Then release
  • A numeric keypad will appear at the foot of your screen
  • Enter the time you want
  • Tap on Save
  • You can make mistakes typing in, too, however, there is a delete key. If you continue typing numbers, you will just loop around filling in numbers. 

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