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Are you trying to Set up your Apple Watch with a fresh iPhone? This may mean that the sounds are at full volume, and so is Siri. This article will show you how to control the Apple Watch volume.

How to control Apple Watch volume? Easy Guide
How to control Apple Watch volume? Easy Guide

If you’ve just moved your Apple Watch to a new iPhone, then you might observe that it’s all a bit too loud.

Especially with Siri, which bellows out phrases like “Done,” and “I set your alarm.” You have the ability to turn down the volume, however, you have to do it in two places, why? I don’t know why.

How to turn down the Apple Watch volume for everything except Siri?

  • Switch your Apple Watch On, tap on Settings
  • Scroll to find Sounds & Haptics
  • Tap on the volume indicator, under Alert Volume
  • You can use the Digital Crown to lower/raise the volume
  • If rotating the Digital Crown scrolls the screen up and down, that means you haven’t tapped on the volume indicator.
  • To be sure that you don’t accidentally go on adjusting the volume, tap on the Sounds & Haptics button at the top left to return. Or just press in the Digital Crown.
  • Either way, you have just changed the volume for everything, except Siri.

How to turn down the volume on Siri on the Apple Watch?

  • On your Apple Watch, select Settings
  • Scroll and find Siri
  • Then scroll far down to find Voice Volume – Speaker
  • Tap on the volume indicator under it
  • You can use the Digital Crown to lower/raise the volume
  • Again, exit this before you accidentally undo the volume change by rotating the Digital Crown.

Adjusting Siri and alert volumes

You will be surprised how loud your Watch can get. If you to go into a church, or a hospital, or any place that requires as little sound, as possible, go through these steps to change the volume.

Swipe up from the bottom of the Watch face, then tap on the symbol of a bell. The symbol gets a line through it, and its black background will turn red.

This is what you call silent mode, except it isn’t silent. It turns off nearly every alert you can get, however, you’ll still hear alarms; you’ll still get haptic taps.

And yeah, it doesn’t affect Siri.

As a last resort, if you’re somewhere quiet and Siri starts shouting, slap your hand over your Watch’s face. After you cover the face with your palm, Siri will instantly shut up.

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