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Every Mac has a name. Your Mac’s name can play an important role when transferring files, such as through AirDrop. OR. For finding it on your local network. If you have a descriptive and recognizable name for your Mac, it will make the whole process better and easier.  

How to rename your MacBook?
How to rename your MacBook?

You would also want to rename your MacBook, if it’s a hand-me-down, as it might have the name of the previous owner on it. Makes sense if you want to change it to your name.  

It is easy to add or change the name of your Mac, follow the steps given.  

How to rename your MacBook?  

1. Click on the Apple icon on the upper left of the screen. Click on System Preferences from the dropdown menu that appears.  

2. In the System Preferences window, click on the blue “Sharing” folder.  

3. Under the “Sharing” window, click on the text box next to “Computer Name” at the top. Then enter the new computer name you want.  

4. After you exit the Sharing window, your computer’s hostname will automatically change to match the changed name. The hostname is an address that is in the format of your-Mac.local. That devices equipped with Apple’s Bonjour software. It is used to recognize and connect to your computer. You have the ability to manually edit your hostname by clicking on the Edit button under Computer Name.  

  • The hostname should only have letters and dashes.  
  • If you manually edit the hostname, it will not change when you change the computer name. However, you don’t have to worry, your printers along with other devices should be able to communicate seamlessly with your Mac. Even if you happen to change the name several times.  

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