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How to “Mark all as read” their emails? Easy steps

How to "Mark all as read" their emails? Easy steps
How to “Mark all as read” their emails? Easy steps

Have you opened your Gmail after long and found an out-of-control inbox, or do you want a clean slate without deleting everything? Mark all as read could be a good step. 

Better be aware, that you can only mark all of your emails as read in the desktop version. One can only mark messages as read one after the other in the mobile app. 

This article will show you how to Mark all as read. 

How to mark all as read in Gmail on the desktop? 

There are two options available: The search bar or the Select All option. 

Using the search bar 

  1. Visit the Gmail website to log in, if necessary. 
  2. Enter label: inbox is: unread into the search bar.  
  3. Click Enter. You will then be able to see all of your unread emails appear. 
  4. Click the down-carrot next to the Select box at the top, then click on All. 
  5. If it appears, click on All Conversations That Match the Results
  6. Click on the three dots at the right end of the menu, then choose Mark as read. 

Use the ‘select all’ option 

  1. Click the down-carrot next to the Select box in the top toolbar, then choose All. 
  2. Select the Mark as reading icon. It looks like an open envelope. 

A quick tip: You can do this with just selected emails, rather than applying the read label to all. Select emails one by one. OR Select all on the current page, then click on Mark as read icon. 

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