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Do you want to know how to hide apps on your iPhone? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are lots of reasons why you might want to keep some apps hidden on your iPhone and prevent them from appearing on your home screen.  

How to hide apps on your iPhone?
How to hide apps on your iPhone?

You might be looking to clean up a cluttered screen by hiding apps that are not infrequent use. Or perhaps you’ve installed something you would rather keep private like a dating app.   

Whatever the reason for wanting to hide apps on the iPhone, the process is simple and concise. Furthermore, there are different options depending on whether you want to hide a single app or multiple apps.

How to hide apps from Homescreen on iPhone?

  • Locate the app that you want to remove from the home screen.
How to hide apps on your iPhone?
  • You can tap and hold the home screen until the apps start shaking. Then tap on the “minus” sign next to the app that you wish to hide.
How to hide apps on your iPhone?
  • Press and hold the app until a menu pops up, which displays the option to “Remove App.”
  • Tap on “Remove App” (If you used option 2A, you can skip this step).
How to hide apps on your iPhone?
  • You will then see options to either delete the app completely or remove it from the home screen. You are also provided with the option to cancel the action. Click on “Remove from Home Screen.”  
How to hide apps on your iPhone?
  • The app will now be hidden and will not appear on the home screen.  

How to find the hidden app?  

  • On the home screen, scroll as far right as you can go  
  • At the top, you can see a search bar with “App Library” on display. Tap on the search bar  
  • Scroll to locate the app you previously hid, or you can type the name of the app into the search bar  
  • Once you locate the app, tap on it and hold it, then drag it to the left. This will bring the app out of the app library back onto the home screen  
  • Now you can place the app wherever you want. The app is back on the home screen and will be there until you want to delete it or hide it.  

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