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How to delete Facebook photo?

Are you feeling embarrassed by that Facebook photo from your younger days? You don’t have to worry; you have the ability to always delete any of your uploaded photos from Facebook. This article will show you how to delete Facebook photo.  

How to delete Facebook photo?
How to delete Facebook photo?

On Facebook, you have the ability to delete both your photos as well as your photo albums. After you’ve deleted them, you will not be able to restore them. So, only delete the items that you don’t want to host anymore. If you want to have a local copy of your photos, make sure you download the photos first.  

The process of deleting photos is the same on both desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as Chromebook) also on mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android). We will use the Facebook website for the demonstration. 

You can only delete those photos that you have uploaded to Facebook. Note-Bear in mind that once a photo is deleted, you can’t get it back.  

How to delete Facebook photos?

  • To remove your photo from Facebook, follow the given steps:  
  • Visit the photo you want to delete.  
  • Click on the photo to open it.  
  • Then click on Delete photo.  
  • Click on Delete to confirm your action.  

How to Delete Photo Albums on Facebook?  

  • To delete a photo album in your account, launch Facebook, then visit the profile page.
  • On this page, click on the “Photos” tab, then select the “Albums” subtab.  
  • After the “Albums” page opens, locate the album you want to delete. In the top-right corner of the album, click on the three dots.  
  • From the drop-down three-dots menu, click on “Delete Album.”  
  • You will see a “Delete Album” prompt. Click on “Delete Album”.  
  • After this, your selected photo album is gone for good.  

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