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How can you get Audible for free? Easy process
How can you get Audible for free? Easy process

Do you want to get Audible for free? If so, there are several ways that you can do this. Audible has garnered prominence as a platform to share as well as listen to podcasts, audiobooks on demand. Now, Audible is basically a paid service, however, it isn’t impossible to download audiobooks from Audible for free. That’s where we come in and present to you the right workarounds or, in this case, the required link. This article will show you how to get free Audible books.

Audible does prove you with a free trial that consists of, 1 credit, 2 credits for Amazon Prime members, to use on any title of your choice yours to keep, even if you happen to cancel.

You get access to the Plus Catalogue, here you can listen to all you want from the thousands of audiobooks, podcasts as well as Audible Originals.

How can you get Audible for free?

  • Visit, on a browser on a PC or a Mac.
  • Scroll until you locate an audiobook that you wish to download. Click on the title of the desired book.
  • Click on “Buy for $0.00.”
  • If a prompt screen appears, sign in to your Amazon/Audible account.
  • After you have selected all the audiobooks you wish to download, then click on “Proceed to Check out.”
  • Review the order information, then click on “Complete Purchase.”
  • You have to download the audiobook before you can listen to it. Click on “Library”, this can be found next to the Audible logo, towards the top of the page.
  • Click on “Download.”
  • After downloading you will be able to listen to your free Audible audiobook on any desktop or device, and that too for free.

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