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What is Moviebox? Is It Legal? Learn now

What is Moviebox? Is It Legal? Learn now
What is Moviebox? Is It Legal? Learn now

Before you use Moviebox, you should learn What is Moviebox? Moviebox as its name hints is a video streaming application that streams movies and TV shows, however, it does it for free. It hosts up to 60000+ movies and TV shows in HD quality. Along with online streaming, it also has download features for an offline viewing experience. It utilizes p2p technology to stream movies and television shows.

What is Moviebox Pro?

The developer shut down the original version and developed a new version, which goes by the name Moviebox Pro. You can say it’s an upgrade of the app. It has nearly identical media content and features that you can see on the older version. Just like its older version, this is also free to download and use.

The Movie Box app is only available on Android Platforms, which makes it difficult for iOS device users. The Cydia Impactor has to be accessed in order to download and install this software onto your phone or tablet; however, there are other methods as well as emulators Blue stacks (for Windows) NOX App Player (Mac), etc., all of which allow you to access the movie streaming service without having an actual physical device!

As it was developed for Android devices, the application can be accessed on other devices like Firestick, Android TV Box, Nvidia Shield, and other devices which run on the Android Operating System. The app has options to supports Chromecast too. It has an inbuilt cast icon to stream the media to larger screens of TV.

Is Moviebox legal?

Now when you see all the services the app provides for free, you might ask yourself is the app even legal? The answer being, No. It is not legal. Since they are streaming licensed content for free, it is illegal to use. Users should also remember the fact that we have no affiliation with Moviebox Pro and are not responsible for the privacy issues which occur while in the usage of this app.

This app is free to download, all the content can be accessed without paying any fee. However, if you are not satisfied with it, the developer also offers a premium (VIP) version to improve the streaming version.

By upgrading to Moviebox Pro you will get-

  • Download videos in full HD quality
  • No Ads
  • High priority customer service
  • Apple TV App
  • Android TV App
  • ORG Source

Is VPN required for Moviebox Pro?

VPN is a must for Moviebox Pro. Thanks to its operating nature, your IP will be monitored by the ISPs and Government agencies. Once you are found streaming licensed media, you will land straight in legal trouble. So, you need to install a VPN on your device, prior to using the app.

Moviebox to stream movies and television shows may be a good option for all cord-cutters. However, it is important to keep an eye on privacy while using the app. Since the app is not legal, always use the VPN while streaming.

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