Thursday, November 30
Exclusive: Get Paramount Plus free for a Month HalfofThe
Exclusive: Get Paramount Plus free for a Month HalfofThe

Paramount Plus is also one of the major streaming service providers, similar to, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBOMax. Unlike all other services, Paramount Plus is not offering users monthly trails until now. It has always offered only weekly trials which were not enough for a user to decide whether to purchase the subscription.

It recently launched an essential plan which offers users ads for 5$ a month. They also offer an ad-free streaming premium plan, which is 10$ a month. Paramount is offering a free month trial for both their plans. If you are wondering what are they going to offer apart from other services, they do have some interesting shows and movies available. It has dedicated shows from CBS, BET, and comedy central, including some great shows like Star Trek, Newyork, Spongebob’s, 60 minutes plus.

If you are planning to get this new offer, you can head over to Paramount Plus using this link and click on try it free. This will automatically add a free month coupon to your cart. This free month trial offer is valid until July 1st and we want everyone to make use of this and watch great content available.

The latest essential plan by Paramount is expected to bring more users to the platform since they did not have a huge user base until now. Also, Paramount plus is currently not linked to any mobile service, unlike, Netflix with T-mobile, HBO Max with AT&T, Disney Plus with Verizon, and even discovery plus is available for a 1-year free trial on Verizon. We hope, pretty soon they will join a mobile service that can bring in more users to join the network.

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