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A complete timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

A complete timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A complete timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

Kim and Kanye public feud is taking ugly turns, and we hope this doesn’t continue too far. Kanye West has recently condemned his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian for allowing their 8-year-old daughter North to have an account on TikTok. This was not the first time Kanye has taken jabs at Kim Kardashian, this can be dated to as long back as July 2020. The rapper amidst all of this ruckus also changed his legal name to “Ye”

Kim and Kanye The Earlier Rants

Back when Kanye West had declared that he is running for president, his Twitter account was stirring up. At the rally, Kanye claimed that he and his ex-wife Kim had discussed abortion when she was pregnant with their daughter North and that Kim might “divorce” him after she heard his message. Precisely on the 20th of July 2020, Kanye had tweeted a series of successive rants and bizarre tweets about his ex-wife, which have all been deleted, however, screenshots are still floating around.

Kanye alleged that Kim was trying to have him “locked up,” he called her a “white supremacist”. Kanye also appeared to end his marriage to Kardashian, tweeted: “I have been trying to get divorced since Kim met with Meek, at the Waldorf for “prison reform.” Kanye West also referred to Kim’s mother Kris Jenner as “Kris Jong-Un” in his ranting tweets. Kanye also claimed that the movie Get Out, the 2017 horror-genre take on slavery, was based on his life.

A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

This alarming meltdown had prompted concern for Kanye’s mental health and wellbeing. As per a source of Entertainment Tonight, Kim was trying to get Kanye help and that “she only ever wanted the best for her husband.” Kim responded to Kanye’s outbursts in a lengthy statement on Instagram, addressing Kanye’s bipolar disorder while asking the public as well as the media to give him compassion along with empathy.

Kanye posted a tweet on the 26th of July 2020, asking his then-wife, Kim Kardashian, for forgiveness after the controversial comments he made at his presidential campaign rally in South Carolina along with the Twitter posts of the past week. 

Kanye tweeted ” I did not cover for her as she had covered for me. To Kim, I want to say that I know I hurt you. Please forgive me. Thank you for always being there.” 

A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

The After Divorce Drama of Kim and Kanye

Kanye talks about getting back together with Kim Kardashian. ON, November 24, 2021, at a Thanksgiving celebration with Skid Row overnight, Kanye West embarked on another rant, a calmer one, on how God wanted him back with Kim Kardashian. 

West said into a microphone. “We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. Ye slammed network E! Who houses the reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. He also slammed Hulu which is filming a new reality series with the Kardashian-Jenner family.

Ye said “I am not letting E! Write the narrative of my family. I am not going to let Hulu write the narrative of my family, I am the priest of my own house.”

Kanye said reacting to all of the news circulating, him buying a house right next to his old one, “I have to be next to my children as much as possible. So, when I’m out of the house, I have got a house right next to that house. I am doing everything I can to be right next to the situation.” He also said. “I am trying to express myself in a sane and calm way. I need to get back home.”

“If the enemy can separate Kimye, millions of families will feel that separation is ok. But when God brings Kimye together, millions of families are going to be influenced to see that they can overcome the work of the separation.

A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

It had come after Kim went official with Pete Davidson at the weekend. 

The Pete Davidson Diss

Ye added to his very public split from wife Kim Kardashian by delivering a diss towards her new romantic interest, Pete Davidson (Saturday Night Live cast member as well as a comedian). The line was featured on The Game and Kanye’s new track “Eazy” by Ye, “God saved me from that crash/Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s *ss.” 

Twitter exploded with thoughts about the song and its lyrics, especially about the Pete Davidson line, which sent people in a variety of ways. 

The Most Recent Rants

He claimed he hadn’t been given the address of his daughter’s birthday, despite repeatedly asking. Sharing a video of himself supposedly driving around, Ye claimed that Kim and the rest of the family had refused to give him the location of the party. As he “was not allowed” to know the location of the party. This video quickly went viral online, receiving a mixed reaction from the fans. 

Hours later, Ye did make it to his daughter’s party. Various sources claimed that Ye was “in great spirits” as soon as he was in Chicago’s company. A bunch of cute photos of the father-daughter duo surfaced online as well.

A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

Ye posted a second video after the party, revealing that it had been Kylie’s partner, Travis, who had provided him the address, before thanking everyone for helping him “calmly and legally” solve the situation. 

Ye said “I just saw everybody… Kris and Kourt and Kylie — Kylie let me in.” Claiming that security “stopped” him upon his arrival.

Ye posted a screenshot of North from one of her TikTok videos and tagged Kim. Ye, asked his followers: “SINCE THIS IS MY FIRST DIVORCE. I NEED TO KNOW. WHAT I SHOULD DO ABOUT MY DAUGHTER BEING PUT ON TIK TOK AGAINST MY WILL?”

A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud
A timeline on Kim and Kanye public feud

Kanye had previously called out his ex-wife for letting their young daughter on Tik-Tok.

Whilst an interview with Hollywood Unlock‘s Jason Lee, Ye said. “Security is not going to be in between me & my children.

“My children will not be on Tik Tok without my permission.”

Ye then proceeded to Go off during his interview, “Don’t have my daughter wearing lipstick on TikTok. OR. Don’t have her on TikTok, if I am not there to approve it.”

Ye continued: “It was done without me knowing. It happened again. I feel like it’s poking the bear, like it’s trying to antagonize me. OR. To create this ‘crazy’ narrative.

“To say that one is crazy, is trying to take the power away. They are doing anything to get people to not pay attention to me.”

Kim has moved on with her boyfriend Pete Davidson, Kanye recently started dating actress Julia Fox. It is also speculated that Julia Fox is the one who voiced the Who? After the Pete Davidson diss on Yeezy. 

Will the Drama die down?

If the drama and the rants will die down or not, no one can speculate. However, the release of DONDA 2, on 2-22-22, with Future as the Executive Producer, brings in the hype, and possibly a lot of disses, or not.

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