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How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail?

How to find archived emails, as Deleting emails from your Gmail account is final they will be lost forever after you empty the trash folder. If you wish to hide emails, instead of deleting them, you can just archive the messages. This allows you to find as well as retrieve the emails when wanted.

How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail?
How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail?

How to use the All-Mail Label to Find Archived Emails in Gmail?

Archived emails disappear from the typical Gmail view. An option to find the archived emails is to switch to the “All Mail” folder view.

Doing so will list all of your Gmail emails in one, long list, including priority emails, along with any email that has been categorized automatically. You can switch to this view by clicking on the “All Mail” view label in the left Gmail menu, this is for the Gmail website.

To do so in the Gmail app, tap on the hamburger menu icon in the top-left. Here, scroll down, then tap on the “All Mail” label.

There’s a downside to this, especially if you have a large number of emails. The sheer number of emails you will have to go through might feel intimidating. This option works fine if you have only recently archived an email, however, you might have to use the Gmail search bar to specifically locate archived emails instead.

How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail Using the Search Bar?

Sadly, there is no “archive” label you can use to search for when you’re using the Gmail search bar.

You will have to know the topic, sender, or at least the subject of your archived email to be able to search for it manually. Or, you can utilize advanced Gmail search filters to search for emails that aren’t in typical folders for example in your inbox folder, sent folder, and the drafts folder.

In many cases, doing so would list your archived emails. To do that, just type “-in: Sent -in: Draft -in Inbox” in the search bar. You can do that in both the Gmail app and the Gmail website.

You can add the “has non-user labels” to your Gmail search query to remove any emails that have a category label. If they are categorized, you can view the email in your labeled folder, despite being archived.

This method isn’t exactly foolproof; however, it should help you narrow down your archived emails if you’re struggling to find them using a basic search. Or, if the “All Mail” folder is hard to navigate through.

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