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Starfield, the highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda, has received mixed reviews from players since its release. The game’s rating on Steam has decreased, with only 67% of reviews being positive. Players have complained about boring planets, monotonous gameplay, and poor optimization. The lack of localization has also been criticized by Russian-speaking players. With a score of 85 out of 100 on Opencritic, Starfield is currently the lowest rated project from Bethesda on Steam.

Insomniac’s highly anticipated Marvel’s Wolverine game is reportedly set to release in 2025, according to a recent report. The game is said to have a darker and more violent tone than previous titles from the studio. It will be set in the Southeast-Asian city of Madripoor, known for its lawlessness and pirate activity. While no official release date has been announced, the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, like Insomniac’s Spider-Man titles.