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What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Project Management?

What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Project Management?
What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Project Management? Image source: Trello

What is Trello? Who is it useful to? Let us explain some in-depth analysis of what a Trello can do and how it can help you. If you are taking account of numerous work projects or if you are self-employed, then effective project management is a must. If you aren’t meticulously planning, and utilizing your time and effort, then you will end up frittering it away and missing deadlines as a result. The online project management tool industry is a heavily competitive sector, however, the one that seems to be winning above all of its peers is Trello.

What is Trello? And, who uses it?

Trello is beloved by those who have a thing for managing their time and projects. The reason is just not because Trello is cheap and affordable, but also is extremely simple to use. It uses a highly visual approach to time and project management; you are able to move cards around, you can see at a glance what has to be done and when.

Using sticky notes on your computer isn’t such a bad idea until it becomes overwhelming with too many notes on your home screen. That is where Trello comes in for our aid. Some people even go ahead and call Trello “Post-it notes on steroids.”  There are many reasons why we Personally love using Trello, however here are the four main features of Trello. 

Each and every card can be color-coded with a specific bar. Each color can refer to a different client, or for a different topic, for example.

The icon showing the picture of the user shows who is participating in that card. You have the ability to invite people to a card so that they can leave feedback as well as updates. Or if you could also assign them a task. Assume a task is assigned, a due date can be added, a reminder will be sent when the due date is near. When a card is updated, everyone on that specific card will be notified.

The background of each Trello board is customizable. Trello gives you backgrounds and the ability to upload your own. Cards can be moved to other boards, copied to other boards, or they can even be archived when finished.

How to Start a New Board in Trello?

What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Projects
What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Projects
  • The first step is adding a new board. In the top-right-hand corner of the screen after logging in, press the + icon. Afterward, choose “Create Board “from the drop-down list that appears.
  • You will be asked to give the new board a name, a privacy level along with a background. If you have a team already, you have the ability to assign the board to the team. 

Note- If the board is left public, it will be indexed by search engines and accessed by anybody who finds it on Google. It was recently revealed that employees at Uber were using Trello to list sensitive company passwords, which were then picked up by Google.  Be careful if you are using Trello for passwords, set the privacy level to Private. For passwords, you should be using a password manager.

How to Add a New List in Trello?

  • After setting up the new board, it is time for you to start a new list.
  • Click on Add a list.
  • Type in the title of the added list then saves it.
  • Repeat this for any other lists that the board requires

Add a new card, again

Now it’s time to add a new card, there are various elements to a card that make it powerful.

Making a New Card in Trello

Visit Trello

  • Click on Add a card.
  • Now type in the task that has to be added. You can save it by clicking the green Add button.
  • Repeat as before for other tasks you need to add if there is a requirement. 
  • That is just the start of what can be added to a card, which you can see if you click on it to open it up.

How to Assign Other Users in Trello?

  • First, if you have created a team and others have been invited to access the board, you have the ability to assign someone from the team to a particular task. Or you could just tag them, so they are looped into the conversation on that specific card.
  • To add someone, click on Members and click the Gravatar of the person you want to add. The added person can be removed from a card by clicking the Gravatar.

How to Add Notes & Attachments?

  • Whether for your own memory or to advise others, leaving notes might be necessary. You can do so at the top of the note, and you can also leave clickable links.
  • Underneath the notes section, there is an area where you can upload attachments. This can range anything from a document to a zip file to an image. If it’s an image, the selected image will show on the card

How to Add a Due Date?

If a specific task has a deadline, you have the ability to assign a due date to it. You will get reminders when the date is getting closer, you will also get a reminder of when the date has passed. 

How to Add Colored Labels in Trello?

What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Projects
What is Trello & Why You Should Consider Using It for Projects

You can edit the labels, they can say anything you require, and you can add as many as you want to a card.

How to Add Comments?

If other people have access to your cards, they might leave comments. You can use the @ to tag people in specific comments, after being tagged they will receive a notification from Trello.

How to Move, Copy, Watch & Archive Cards?

There are four other actions you can take on a card, being-


  • If you have multiple boards, you can move cards between different boards.


  • This is identical to the Move option, except that the card will not be completely moved, it’ll just be copied.


  • If someone else has a card, you can choose to watch it and be notified of new comments without participating.


  • There’s no specific function that serves “delete” in Trello. Instead, if you want to remove a card, a list, or a board, you have to archive it. It will then disappear; however, it can be brought back if required.

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