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How to Screen Record on MacBook? Easy guide

How to Screen Record on MacBook? Easy guide
How to Screen Record on MacBook? Easy guide

Do you want to capture part of the screen or screen record on MacBook? Is it for a menu from a restaurant you want to visit? OR. A part of a website? To share with someone else? Or, do you want to record a video of your Mac’s screen?

Macs as well as your iPhone have this feature built-in, letting you record part or all of your screen. It allows the recording of external audio, let it be anything coming in through your mic, however, Mac’s built-in options don’t let you record any internal audio. For that, you have to download a third-party app, for example, Soundflower. Though you can turn on the external mic, then turn up the volume, this won’t provide you with great audio.

A few apps, like Apple’s built-in DVD Player, will block you from doing any screen recording. No matter which task you want to perform it is really easy, and in this article, we’ll show you how.

How can you capture a screenshot of the entire display?

  • Tap the keys Shift + Command + 3 together.
  • The picture can be found on your Mac’s desktop.

How can you capture just a part of the screen on your Mac?

  • Tap the keys Shift + Command + 4 together.
  • You can then find the picture on your Mac’s desktop

How to screen record on MacBook?

  • Open QuickTime
  • Click on “File” at the top.
  • Click on “New Screen recording”
  • Then click on record, to start the recording.
  • You can either record the whole screen, or click, then drag your mouse to record a specific part.

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