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Temporary solution: Connecting to Android Auto disables the Keyboard Issue

Temporary solution: Connecting to Android Auto disables the Keyboard Issue
Temporary solution: Connecting to Android Auto disables the Keyboard Issue

A new struggle has been discovered in the Android Auto world, where the Android Auto disables the keyboard. Unfortunately, for users who are dealing with it, the workaround is not necessarily the most convenient method out there.

As per a few users who turned to Google’s community forums to report the new problem, Android Auto somehow kills the phone’s keyboard. This means that after disconnecting the mobile device from the head unit, they no longer have the ability to type anything.

All apps are affected by this, so the keyboard no longer launches in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The keyboard also does not launch in browsers, as well as pretty much everywhere else where you need to type something.

As it turns out, the keyboard app that users are running is not a deal-breaker, as all of them are impacted, including both Google’s and Samsung’s solutions.

What causes this is currently unclear, however, the users who have noticed this weird behavior claim in their posts that this ruckus had started last week, possibly after the most recent update installation. On the other hand, it’s not conclusively decided yet if the culprit is indeed the latest Android Auto version or whether something else is the root of this problem.

Given not just a single keyboard app is affected, there’s a good chance that the problem resides in Android Auto. So, Google is the one that must investigate to further figure out what happens.

The Temporary solution:

In the meantime, however, there’s somewhat good news, a workaround has been discovered. However, it is accompanied by bad news, this workaround isn’t necessarily the most convenient. This requires a full device reboot every time the phone is disconnected from the head unit.

Yes, “Reboot” is the only solution now.

Will update once there is a valid fix.

To put it simply, the users have to restart their phones after shutting down Android Auto to be able to use their keyboards, because nothing else seems to work for now.

Google hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem, currently, it’s still not known how many users are affected by this. 

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