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A personal computer, commonly called the PC, has been going around for ages and it is known to store so many kinds of files. If you’re going through these files, you will see some files having an XVO files extension. These files with an XVO files extension are internal video files of the ratDVD which are usually used by the ratDVD, the DVD ripping software.

What Is an XVO File? How to open it?
What Is an XVO File? How to open it?

Now we shall address what is this ratDVD that we have mentioned. ratDVD is something similar to a container format that holds the digital videos, so any files that contain ‘. ratDVD’ as an extension is a ratDVD DVD image file that is, it stores any compressed DVD images. Coming back to the XVO files, they are usually accompanied by other extensions like XML, IFO, and VSI.


Opening an XVO file is not that easy and we must get ourselves familiar with the know-about of an XVO file before opening the same. XVO files are the core thing that makes up what we call a file with a ‘. ratDVD’ extension which will further be used by the software decompressor, ratDVD.

In a nutshell, we can say that XVO files might not open by themselves when placed in the ratDVD program unless they have been accompanied by a. ratDVD file format.

Moving on to how to open the XVO file,

  1. You will have to compress all the files that have the extensions mentioned above like the extensions with XML, IFO, etc together in the form of ZIP compression format.
  2. Once you are done compressing them all into a ZIP file, change the ‘.ZIP’ to the ‘.RATDVD’ file.
  3. Now at ease, you can open the file with ‘. RATDVD’ using the software decompressor, ratDVD as stated earlier.

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