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What happens to Tesla’s cars after 300,000 miles?

What happens to Tesla’s cars after 300,000 miles?
What happens to Tesla’s cars after 300,000 miles?

What happens to Tesla cars at end of life? Tesloop, a shuttle service in California, pushed Tesla’s electrical cars to their absolute limit. The result? Seven Tesla‘s did manage to rack up a collective 2.5 million miles, few individual cars also surpassed the 300,000 miles mark. The fleet of Tesla’s includes Model S, Model 3, and Model X electric cars.

They generally operate between San Diego, Los Angeles, and destinations in between. Cars accumulate nearly 17,000 miles a month, and in few instances require to be charged twice a day. It’s indeed a rare opportunity of being able to evaluate high-mileage Tesla electric cars. Every vehicle Tesloop has purchased except one, is still running. The one that is out of service, suffered a collision with a drunk driver. How long did Tesla last? The good news is that none of the cars have died of old age.

What happens to Tesla batteries at the end of life?

Nearly six battery packs have been replaced, all under warranty, as per Quartz. The reason for replacements being factory or installation issues. As in all-electric vehicles, there was a decrease in range as battery packs aged. The range of a Tesla Model X saw a drop from 260 miles to 200 miles after 330,000 miles. Tesloop had to replace two axles ($2,557.12) along with a row of seats ($5,375.90), according to Quartz. Retractable door handles on the Model S have caused problems, costing about $1,500 to replace, replacement windshield for 1 of the cars reportedly took three months to arrive. Flash memory chip being common weak point, and costs around $1,800 to replace. 

How reliable are Tesla’s? Sonnad (CEO of Tesloop) expects that Model 3 ownership costs to be half those of the Model S or Model X. Electrical vehicles do have an advantage over Internal-combustion engines in the maintenance sector, though tires and brakes need to be replaced, regular maintenance needs are much lower. Electric cars don’t need oil changes, and electricity is also considerably cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

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