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Testing in progress: Instagram Story Links for All

Testing in progress: Instagram Story Links for All HalfofThe
Testing in progress: Instagram Story Links for All HalfofThe

Instagram is testing Story links for all! The linking feature will be slightly different from the swipe-up methodology you currently see on your favorite influencer’s stories. Instead, it’s a sticker, so your pals can tap to visit the link in their mobile browser. Instagram has been tinkering with this idea for a while now, and they are finally ready to roll out the update globally – but only if people like what they see during these tests.

In an effort to become more user-friendly and cater to all Instagrammers, Instagram is testing story links for all! Though still in the beta phase, insta’s head of product told The Verge that “links have been one of our most used features by current Instagram users”. Adding links in bio to every post can be frustrating to many users, this new alternative could help small content creators a lot.

This is a huge change, and Instagrammers will be able to link people to outside content from stories. The link sticker looks different from what you see on influencer’s profiles, though – it’s smaller and simpler.

Instagram has already begun testing this feature with some select individuals who had previously taken part in beta tests for other recent additions, like a group chat. If all goes well during these new trials, we should soon be seeing links back where they belong: in story captions!

Comments from many users regarding this Instagram story links feature:

Since, Instagram is a very powerful tool for brands and individuals to express themselves.

The link in bio feature would help users post links without having followers on Instagram.

This will give everyone the opportunity to experience more of the web with Instagram as their primary navigational hub.

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