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Microsoft all set to launch Windows 11

The latest version, Windows 11 is almost here!!

Microsoft all set to launch Windows 11 HalfofThe
Microsoft all set to launch Windows 11 HalfofThe

The Tech Giants Microsoft looks ready to launch the “new generation” of windows, after teasing it for months. But new information was surfaced that the company isn’t just updating their already existing Windows 10 but is looking to launch their latest version of the operating system, Windows 11.

Microsoft posted a video yesterday announcing a new window’s event “to see what is next” for Microsoft on 24th June. The video also depicts a new Windows logo, thought to be designed for the latest version, as the reflection of the windows shows the number 11.

This event is going to take place at 11 AM ET, a slightly odd time for a window’s event. Post the revelation, Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi tweeted “I haven’t been this excited about a new version of @Windows since Windows 95! Although I don’t remember the box being that big. Make sure you save the date for June 24! #MicrosoftEvent.

CEO Satya Nadella has revealed last week that the “Next Generation of Microsoft” is coming soon. He assured that Microsoft would soon share “One of the most significant updates of the past decade”. If Microsoft is to transition from the current Windows 10 towards 11, we see big visual changes coming. Microsoft has been working on a project called sun valley for quite some time now, this project according to the Windows Core User Experiences team is set to bring “sweeping visual rejuvenation of windows experiences that signals that the Windows is BACK”. You can also use Android apps in the new Windows 11.

Launching Windows 11 would be considered a surprising move, though. Microsoft previously cited Windows 10 as the last version of windows. While they would regularly update the existing version, a new numbered version like Windows 11 was not on the cards. But this upcoming event on the 24th of June might change that.

Given the hype surrounding new windows, this might be Microsoft’s most successful yet. 

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