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A Sneak peek into Oppo Rollable X 2021

A Sneak peek into Oppo Rollable X 2021 HalfofThe
A Sneak peek into Oppo Rollable X 2021 HalfofThe

In the past, we used to have foldable phones, and now it looks like rollable phones could be the future of devices that start at one size and then transform into another let’s have a look at the Oppo X 2021.
As spotted by XDA Developers, several YouTube videos have been posted online – including ones by Brandon Le Proctor in France and AllroundPC in Germany – giving a detailed look at how the rollable mechanism works to expand the size of the screen.

Oppo Rollable X design:

From what we observed the software and hardware make adjustments accordingly as the display size changes. It looks as though a tap on a button or a slide of a finger down the edge of the device is enough to activate the rolling, shrinking, or expanding mechanism of the screen. As Oppo explained back in November, the handset uses a clever back plating that can slide in and out to accommodate the shrinking and expanding size of the screen, which can grow from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches as required. It looks as though the ColorOS software that Oppo puts on the top of Android has no problem keeping up with both home screens and web browser windows, adjusting to the change in dimensions without skipping a beat.

We know that other rollable phones are in the works from TCL, LG, and quite probably Samsung. But there is a catch, the form factor might ultimately end up eclipsing as continuous rolling of the screen may potentially become a weak point for the device. However, there’s still no news on when this Oppo X 2021 will hit the stores. The device looks sturdy enough, but Oppo is calling it a prototype and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Take a look at hands on video of Oppo rollable X design by Android authority:

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