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Denmark Vs Finland Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen Injury

Finland Beat Denmark in a seesaw game at Copenhagen, But Christian Eriksen suffers a very serious injury

Denmark Vs Finland Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen Injury HalfofThe
Denmark Vs Finland Euro 2020, Christian Eriksen Injury HalfofThe

The footballing world came to a standstill after the horrible injury Denmark’s Christian Eriksen had endured. During the 43rd minute of the group stage game between Denmark and Finland, Eriksen collapsed onto the floor, causing his teammates and medical staff to rush to his support, he was then swiftly taken off in a stretcher and to the hospital for treatment. We now have some much needed positive news that Eriksen’s condition is stable and he is resting. UEFA Stated “The match has been suspended due to a medical emergency which involved Denmark’s Christian Eriksen. The player in now in hospital and in a stable condition. UEFA wishes Christian Eriksen a full and speedy recovery and wishes to thank both teams for their exemplary attitude.” Things could have been different if it wasn’t for the reaction of the medical team, the referee and the players. Simon Kjaer, his danish teammate made sure Eriksen did not swallow this tongue, after his collapse, a decision thought to have saved his life. Moments like these put many things into perspective, it makes you realise nothing is more important than life. And we are beyond grateful to the medical staff for saving his life.

Match Review

After Eriksen’s recovery, UEFA has decided to restart the match, after consulting with both teams. Both the Teams, still reeling from their shock put up a valiant effort. But it was Finland who came out on top. At minute 59 Finland’s Joel Pohjanpalo fired in the opener from a cross into the box. Post Conceding, Denmark came out firing on all cylinders but failed to put the ball in the net. Pierre-Emile Højbjerg had a great opportunity to get Denmark back on level terms after receiving a penalty but failed to convert it. Despite Denmark’s late onslaught, Finland managed to pull through, registering their first-ever victory in a European Championship.

The Win places Finland at Second place in Group B behind Belgium-who just beat Russia 3-0 courtesy of a brace from Lukaku. If Finland manages to Qualify for the round of 16, it would be a fairytale story, something akin to Iceland’s Story in Euro 2016.

Finally, we wish Eriksen a speedy recovery and would like to lend support to his family during these trying times. We hope to watch a fully recovered Christian Eriksen on the field soon producing scintillating football, something he is well known for.

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