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What Is Time Traveling? Is Time Travel Possible?
What Is Time Traveling? Is Time Travel Possible?

What is time travel? Is time travel possible, and will it be possible to go back in time and change the past or future? This article will answer these questions and more. Time traveling has been a popular subject of discussion for many years now, but there are still some lingering uncertainties about what it actually entails.

Time travel can be accomplished in two ways: through physical means such as building a machine that would allow us to move forward or backward in space-time; or by mental means, which includes the idea of using quantum physics to create wormholes between different points in space-time. The latter method is currently not feasible due to a lack of knowledge on how quantum physics could be applied for this purpose. Physically traveling through space-time does not seem like an option.

All humans can’t get a time traveling machine to travel into the future, but scientifically we have proof that time travel is possible because clocks on satellites and aircraft work differently than on Earth. We are always traveling in time, In between birthdays, we are traveling one year of time. We are traveling at a speed of one second per second in time.

With the help of powerful telescopes developed by NASA, we can see galaxies and stars that are far away from Earth, even as the light from those stars and galaxies will take a long time to reach Earth. But, with those telescopes, we can see how those galaxies and stars looked before reaching Earth a very long time ago. 

Time travel is the term that you can hear from Sci-fi movies and comics, usually, it means we want to travel in a second with the speed of more than a second. Some proof from science says yes, time travel can be possible.

Is Time Travel Possible?

Albert Einstein proposed an idea on time and how it works, he named it a theory of relativity that explains the relation between time and space, and also he defined the maximum speed limit of our universe as not more than the speed of light which is 299337.984 km per second.  

According to Einstein’s theory, time can be slowed down by traveling faster. Many scientists have done many experiments to prove this theory, In an experiment, scientists took two clocks that were set exact same time. One clock was kept on the Earth and the other was put inside an extremely fastest aircraft that flew in the same direction Earth rotates around the world, when the aircraft returned scientists compared both the clocks, and they were shocked at the results. The time on the fastest aircraft is little behind than the time on the Earth. 

Time travel is real, but it is not as same as you saw in movies. There are certain complicated and scientific methods to approach time travel. 

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