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What Is A Cyborg And How Cyborgization Impacts Future?

What Is A Cyborg And How Cyborgization Impacts Future?
What Is A Cyborg And How Cyborgization Impacts Future?

What is a cyborg? The term was coined by Manfred Clynes and Nathan Kline in 1960, to describe a man-machine system that would be capable of performing complex tasks. Cyborgization impacts the future because it will make humans more like machines, which can have both good and bad consequences.

What are the benefits of becoming more machine-like? One benefit is that human emotion doesn’t get in the way of decision-making as much as it might with other methods of decision-making. Another benefit is that we have an increased capacity for memory storage and retrieval if we become more machine-like. The downside to becoming more like a machine though is there could be some loss of humanity or individuality associated with this type of change.

Let’s learn What is a Cyborg?

Cyborg is a combination of fleshy organic matter and machine that resembles a human with amplified abilities compared to the biological system or technological system alone. The term Cyborg is a short form of cybernetic organism, and it is first used by Austrian-American space scientist Manfred Clynes in the year 1960, later it was populated through science fiction series, comics, and movies. Even though the Cyborg phrase is mostly reserved for humans, but it denotes any genre of organisms as well. Cyborg is different from the robot, android, and humanoid because of the presence of life with a fusion of human intelligence and technology whereas the others have relied on artificial intelligence.

Types of technologies in Cyborg:

Cyborg technology is of two types i.e., restorative Cyborg and enhanced Cyborg, and its area of applicability is enormous resulting in cyborg insects to superhuman which are used in medical, military, or individual purposes. Restorative Cyborg is useful to restore the lost function, organs, and limbs of a being with disabilities which makes them return to healthy or average functioning, whereas an enhanced Cyborg is to enhance the capability of a being beyond the limits of normal being by strengthening the functioning of the body.

A Cyborg animal is physically or mentally reinforced form with added technology that makes them useful for research and experimentation like using a small insect in the war for spying to rescuing the humans.

Over the few decades, prosthetic limb technology has progressed at an incredible speed and 3D printing has made bionic body parts relatively accessible as well but the real evolution in cyborgization was the new technology discovered last year by researchers in MIT.

It allows you to feel the robotic body part like a real one not just giving feedback but also feeling the position of prosthesis in space the neuro embodied design project is led by Professor Hugh Herr at MIT, Who himself has lost both of his legs under his leadership an agnostic and non-agnostic neuro interface was developed which connects the nerves in the residual limb to the external bionic prosthesis and allows you to feel it as a full body-part which turns a man into a cyborg. We can expect the cyborgization can bring positive results to humankind.

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