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Will a TESLA car work out in India? HalfofThe
Will a TESLA car work out in India? HalfofThe

A Tesla car needs no introduction. It is an electric vehicle that runs on autopilot(if you upgrade it). Led by the world’s richest man Elon Musk, who has announced in early 2021 that he is going to set up a manufacturing center in India. In states like California where the gas prices are always at their peak when compared to the other states in the US majority of the people prefer TESLA as it’s cheaper than gas. If that’s the case then TESLA cars should be a hit in India as the petrol price is 91.53 INR/1.25 per liter as of today.

But then there is a catch. India is 1/3rd the size of the United States which leaves it with smaller roads and fewer lanes. And to top it Indians use a wide variety of transportation like a two-wheeler(motorcycles), a three-wheeler(auto), a four-wheeler, and public transport. Due to limited lanes and excessive traffic and numerous potholes, people in India don’t particularly follow the lane system. As a result, vehicles are always cramped in traffic. With all these overheads can a Tesla automobile work flawlessly as it does in the US. Maybe if Elon Musk comes up with a special technology for Indian roads or if people start following a proper lane system without overtaking other vehicles so closely that it may lead to an accident(observed out of personal experience )The latter may not be possible as people always seem to be in a hurry to reach their destination.

Tesla is not just worried about roads in India

But having a Tesla car run smoothly on Indian roads is not the only problem. A model 3(the cheapest one) costs a whopping 60Lakhs/81,678$ which makes it fall under the premium car list. If in future India decides to go for all-electric cars a middle-class man may not be able to afford a Tesla.

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