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WhatsApp new policy goes against apple’s guidelines

WhatsApp new policy goes against apple’s guidelines HalfofThe
WhatsApp new policy goes against apple’s guidelines HalfofThe

The most popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has recently faced criticism for its new privacy policy, which goes against internet data security and independence. The messaging giant has announced that the user’s who do not accept their new privacy policy would lose access to some of WhatsApp’s functionality.

According to Apple App Store guideline 3.2.2 “The primary purpose of your app is to encourage users to watch ads or perform marketing-oriented tasks, which is not appropriate for the App Store.”. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy directly contradicted apple’s guidelines because rejecting their new privacy policy would restrict user’s access to essential app functionality like WhatsApp calls, notifications for text messages.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy came into effect on 15th May, from 17th May, WhatsApp will start sending out reminders to its users to accept their policy, WhatsApp has stated that rejecting this policy would limit features, functionally but the user would still have access to their account.

Since this new privacy policy goes against AppStore’s guidelines, Apple might consider removing WhatsApp from the App Store and revoke WhatsApp’s developer access.

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