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How to use Google Translate to translate text, images, videos, and websites?
How to use Google Translate to translate text, images, videos, and websites?

Google Translate is the most powerful machine translation system in the world. It offers over 500 language combinations, including Klingon and Welsh. With this app, you can translate text, images, videos, and websites from one language to another on your mobile device or computer with ease!

Translation has played a major role during the time of the pandemic (the dark times) where nations had to rely on other countries for their help which made us understand that translation has become an integral part of global communication and economic growth. Google Translate is the multilingual translation feature that is used to convert simple text or paragraphs into readable language.

How to access Google translate?

We can either use Google Translate in the browser or the application as both of them are the same, and it is simple.

  • To use Google Translate we just need to select the text that has to be translated.
  • Add it in the section where you want the content to be translated
  • Choose the language to which you want it to be translated.
  • The translate application has a library consisting of more than 100 languages.

You can visit “Google Translate” website

Another option that is provided by Google Translate is the “phrasebook” that helps you to save the translations that can be used for future references

How to use Google Translate online?

We can add the Google Translate application as a Chrome extension and can be used, by highlighting the text that has to be translated, and then it can be converted into the required language.

If you are using the mobile application, it is much better as the application can translate more than 100 languages and can translate 52 languages when you are offline, it lets you access the camera which can be used to translate the content to 30 different languages.

There has been a rise in readers who have started reading content comprising different languages that they are not familiar with, as well as those who have started watching multilingual videos or series.

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