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How can you Recover Your Forgotten Gmail Password? As one of its first-ever services, Gmail remains the cornerstone of Google’s online presence. So, when you forget your Gmail password, it’s a huge trouble. As you would want to change your password to gain access to your account ASAP. We have come up with this article that will guide you through the process of how you can recover your forgotten Gmail password.

How to Recover Your Forgotten Gmail Password?
How can you Recover Your Forgotten Gmail Password?

What is the “Forgotten Gmail Password” Standard Recovery Procedure?

Starting the password recovery process is easy: just click on the “forgot password” link on the Gmail sign-in page. Gmail will straight up send a code to your recovery email address. Or, it will ask you for more information to help recover your account.

Check your mail on this recovery account to see the code, then enter it to be directed to a new password generator page. Newer accounts might also have a phone number backup option.

Suppose, you don’t have access to the account that you originally designated as a backup. Click on “try a different question” again. Now we will be getting into older, less secure methods of account protection, for example, security questions such as “what’s your mother’s maiden name.” You should be able to answer at least one of the questions.

Create a new password, then confirm it. Now you will have access to your account again. It is recommended you choose a new password that’s both secure and memorable.

How to Secure Your Account?

Google will prompt you to visit the security settings associated with the Gmail account. 

It is recommended to add a phone number as well as a current backup email if you don’t already have these associated with your account. These will ensure easy recovery through a 6-digit pin delivered by either email or text message.

Though Gmail formerly supported security questions, it no longer allows you to add any new ones. You can only delete access to the old ones. This is a measure put in place because security questions suck at providing security. Your old questions will still work as long as you don’t manually remove them from this page.

Then, head to the Google Account Settings page by clicking on your profile image, then by clicking on “My Account.”

Click on “Signing in to Google.” Here you will be able to check your recovery email as well as phone number again. You can also see which devices last accessed your account and from what locations.

There are other options on the sign-in page you might wish to explore. Setting up two-factor authentication is highly recommended. If you use this Gmail account on your smartphone, you can also get an authentication prompt there instead of having to manually type in a password on the web.

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