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How to factory reset MacBook Air? Easy Step-by-step Guide

How to factory reset MacBook Air? Easy Step-by-step Guide
How to factory reset MacBook Air? Easy Step-by-step Guide

To factory reset MacBook Air you should understand what exactly does a complete reset does to your MacBook Air. For example: Is there a problem that you simply just can’t seem to unravel regardless of how hard you try? Are you looking to sell your MacBook without a trace of private data on it? Before start, the factory reset process, be sure to back up your data. If you’re selling your MacBook, also confirm to sign out of iMessage, iCloud, and any accounts before you reset.

How to Factory reset MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

  • Hold the Command and R keys on the keyboard and switch on the Mac. Leave the keys when the Apple logo pops up.
  • Select your language and continue.
  • Choose Disk Utility and click Continue.
  • Choose your startup disk (named Macintosh HD by default) and click on the Erase button.
  • After you’ve chosen a reputation for the disk once it’s erased, select macOS Extended (Journaled) from the dropdown menu then click Erase.
  • (If you would like to encrypt your disc for extra security, choose the “Journaled, Encrypted” option. You’ll be prompted to make a password.) Choose GUID Partition Map.
  • Click Erase, then Done, then and exit the window.
  • If you haven’t done this already, hook up with Wi-Fi within the top right-hand corner, a bit like you always would on your Mac.
  • From the most menu, choose To reinstall macOS then click Continue.
  • Press Continue.
  • A pop-up window appears; choose to Continue there, too.
  • Read the license agreement and click on Agree.
  • Choose your boot disk and click Install.
  • Wait for the primary step of the installation to occur. (This may be a blast to require an opportunity and stretch your legs. Getting a sandwich is inspired, but optional.)
  • The computer will restart and continue installing.

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