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How to Cut and Paste Files on Mac? Step-by-step guide

How to Cut and Paste Files on Mac? Step-by-step guide
How to Cut and Paste Files on Mac? Step-by-step guide

Are you looking for a better way to move your files around on your Mac without all these hassles? It’s time to learn how to cut and paste files on Mac. Do you find yourself copying files over and over again? Do you often make mistakes, like cutting the wrong file or pasting it to the wrong folder?

These commands help you multiply and organize files and folders on your computer or device. Performing the process, you first copy the content, and then use the “Move Item Here” command instead. 

How to use Cut and Paste files on Mac using keyboard shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts are, the fastest way to copy or move files and folders to another location. 

  • You first need to copy the file(s) by using the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) – C.
  • To Paste them to a different place, go there then use the keyboard shortcut Command (⌘) – V. The selected items are now available in both locations. 
  • To cut files, after copying, use the keyboard shortcut Option – Command (⌘) – V. The files are now available only in the new location and have been removed from the old site. 

How to Cut and Paste files on Mac using right-click menu?

  • Right-click to open a contextual menu, and click on Copy.
  • In the folder/site where you want to paste it, right-click on a free area in that folder, and then click on the Paste Item command.
  • If you want to cut, after copying it in your clipboard, go to that location and right-click on any free area, press the Option key on your keyboard. The Paste option changes to “Move Item Here”, click on it to finish cutting your file. 

How to Cut and Paste files on Mac using Finder’s Edit menu?

  • After your Files are selected, click on Edit to open the menu and then on “Copy x Items” to add the files to the clipboard. 
  • Move to the desired location, open the Finder’s Edit menu, and then click on Paste Item.
  • Press the Option key on your keyboard, that’ll reveal the “Move x Items Here” option. 
  • Click on it then the files in your clipboard will become available in this folder instead. 

How to Cut and Paste files on MacBook using mouse?

  • Make sure both the source and the desired destination folders are on your screen and open.
  • Grab your selection by clicking on it and holding down the mouse button, drag them around, cut and paste them, drag and drop them to the folder of your choice. 

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