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How to change the ringtone on your iPhone? 3 different ways

How to change the ringtone on your iPhone? 3 different ways
How to change the ringtone on your iPhone? 3 different ways

Have you ever wanted to change the ringtone on your iPhone? It is pretty simple! The individualizing element that all mobile customers must have used at least once during their experience with a phone is the ringtone. iPhone offers a wide range of ringtones, from the iconic iPhone ringtone to an antique var horn, or you can customize it. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do it yourself, we’re here to assist you.

Change the ringtone, using a personalized song file

When you want to change the device’s default ringtone to a song file that isn’t among the potential ringtones, follow the below steps:

  1. Download iTunes on your PC/MAC.
  2. Login using your iCloud details.
  3. Select music in iTunes app.
  4. If the file is in mp3 form, you need to change it to ACC form and make sure that the song file is no more-longer than 40 sec.
  5. Use an audio converter tool or rename the file name with “.m4a” at the end to change the file type.
  6. Once done add the file to iTunes and to keep track of which file is of which type and to help you with this confusion you can enable the ‘kind’ option which will highlight what kind of song file is there in the library, by right-clicking on the library option and selecting the ‘kind option in the drop-down box.
  7. Select the ACC file type song and save it to your file.
  8. And add that song file to your tones option and that song file will reflect on the ringtone option that is available in the ‘ringtone & haptics’ option.

How to change the ringtone of your iPhone from the given selection of ringtones?

For changing the ringtone from the given selection all your need to do is:

  1. Go to the main setting of the iPhone.
  2. Find the “sound & haptics” option and select it.
  3. A new window appears, scroll down to find the Ringtone option and select it.
  4. A wide range of ringtones appear on the screen and select the desired option, which in turn will be saved automatically as the default ringtone.

How to change the ringtone for a specific contact

We can change the ringtone for one specific contact, which is a special feature that is available for a few mobile companies, including iPhone. To add a ringtone for a specific contact, all you need to do is,

  1. Go to the contacts application and select the person’s number that you want to change the default ringtone for.
  2. After selecting the contact, all the contact details appear on the screen, and on the top-right corner of the screen select the edit option.
  3. Select the option ringtone or tone text and choose the desired ringtone.

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