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Childhood Trauma Can Get Worse: Protect Your Kid From Pandemic Depression

Childhood Trauma Can Get Worse: Protect Your Kid From Pandemic Depression HalfofThe
Childhood Trauma Can Get Worse: Protect Your Kid From Pandemic Depression HalfofThe

Ever since the pandemic lot of people have been having a very hard coping with the pandemic depression, including children. From the beginning of the pandemic, everyone is just staying at home quarantining themselves which impacted their social life. It’s worse for some kids due to lack of interaction with their schoolmates and friends due to this, some kids are going into depression. Imagine depression at such a young age! Many kids have faced situations that they never experienced in their lives before, many cannot fathom the fact that their parents are losing their jobs and having financial problems, some lost their beloved ones, family members getting sick, Pandemic has hit every family differently.

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An Assistant Professor of psychology at McGovern Medical School Melissa Goldberg-Mintz said, “Some kids may be hesitant or feeling a little anxious about reconnecting, and they might need a little support”.

If you notice any change in your kids like, staying alone and not showing interest in talking to their friends or not being attentive in their habitual activities, then you should take the responsibility to help them before it gets worse. 

Consult Your Pediatrician And School Management if you are facing Pandemic Depression:

If you are sure that your kid is going through a rough time then you should look for a pediatrician’s office where you can find a child-counseling professional or a therapist who is an expert in dealing with child psychology. Even some schools have professional counselors who can help your kid get better.

Kids’ mental health can be improved a lot if their guardians are attentive enough to their actions. A parent/guardian love could do wonders which no therapy can ever replace. Childhood trauma can be cured by parents’ love and affection, it is always recommended to have an emotional relationship between parents and their children.  

 Goldberg-Mintz said. “Parents who can have a warm, close relationship with their children, these are the kids who do the best.”

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