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PS4 vs PS5 Review | The ultimate gaming machine on limited supply

PS4 vs PS5 Review | The ultimate gaming machine on limited supply HalfofThe
PS4 vs PS5 Review | The ultimate gaming machine on limited supply HalfofThe

Sony’s Playstation has been the household name of every gaming enthusiast for two decades, producing mesmerizing gaming experiences for millions around the world. Sony has now decided to up their game by a notch through the PS5.

For a plebeian, the difference between the ps4 and ps5 might not seem significant, especially when you aren’t playing on a 4K TV. But an experienced gamer would quickly spot the difference in quality between the two. The GPU on the new PS5 clocks in at 10.3 teraflops compared to 1.84 teraflops on the older PS4. For a Gaming Machine, GPU is the name of the game, faster GPU means better performance and the PS5 dwarfs every single console out there in the market.

Another factor that might persuade even avid Xbox fans to switch sides is the backward compatibility offered on the PS5. Over 4000+ PS4 games can be played on PS5, which essentially means you don’t have to spend cash on games- unless gaming companies release next-gen games specific to PS5.

Given the overwhelming number of factors(I could only list a few) in favor of the PS5, it might be worth it for gaming aficionados to splash their cash on the new Playstation. But you might have to patient to purchase one, because as of this moment, it is having major restocking issues. The demand for the console when it was released back in November was so incredibly high, all the pieces got sold out in a matter of days. Adding to that is the pandemic which has constrained Sony’s access to essential raw materials like semiconductors. On a positive note, Sony has recently stated that the restocking efforts have started and retail stores and e-commerce websites should be able to sell new machines pretty soon – keep an eye on Sony’s Twitter handle.

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