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What does it mean to get rick rolled? That crossed 1 Billion Views

What does it mean to get rick rolled? Your friends may be trying to prank you, or you were just the unlucky victim of a terrible internet meme. Either way, we’ll help clear things up for you! In 2004, an American man named Rick Astley released his song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

This was one of the most popular songs on the planet, but in 2007 he became an unwitting participant in a viral video called ‘Rick Roll’. As people started sharing this video with their unsuspecting friends and family members online, its popularity only grew. So what is a “rick roll”? It’s when someone unsuspectingly clicks on a link that leads them to Astley’s infamous music video. The trick is they never see anything

When it first emerged in 2007, rick roll was just a practical joke. Today, rick roll is one of the internet’s best-known videos and a pop culture phenomenon that transcends language barriers. The rick roll meme has been around for over 30 years; from its appearances on TV to YouTube, ricks have become an integral part of our global media landscape.

Rick Astley’s video for the 1980s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” recently reached 1 billion YouTube views, putting the original Rickroll in the same rare company as clips from the latest pop stars. Not surprisingly, Astley approves. He told Twitter followers the figure was “mind-blowing” and that he was “very lucky.”

Rick Astley thanking fans for the 1 Billion views

What does it mean to get rick rolled?

Rick Roll Gif
Rick roll Gif

This has been long overdue. The Rick rolling trend first started back in 2007 when 4chan users played Astley’s video for those looking for the original, and it immediately blew up to the point where Astley performed at the 2008 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was long overdue that this moment finally arrived.

Astley was not initially thrilled with the concept of Rickrolling, but he eventually fell in love with it after his daughter noted that this way people would continue to recognize him more than twenty-six years later.

After this, the video is watched by multiple people and shared numerous times on social media websites to troll someone. For example, You read an article about some random movie, and someone comments below that “This is really shocking that this movie leaked online and people are watching it online here”. The moment you click on the comment it will direct you to a rick roll video on YouTube. It is a satirical way to troll people on the internet. It is still a trend on Reddit, 9Gag, and many more platforms.

You might have heard about the Rickroll meme, and maybe you know that it’s been around for over 30 years. But do you really know what being rick rolled means? It’s not just a practical joke! The internet has given us many ways to be funny online, but this is one of our favorites.

What does it mean to get rick rolled? That crossed 1 Billion Views
What does it mean to get rick rolled? That crossed 1 Billion Views
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