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How much does Netflix pay its employees? According to the salary data
How much does Netflix pay its employees? According to the salary data

Netflix is hiring toward its next growth wave. This could come from international TV or from video games. Insider analyzed public data to get a grasp of how much Netflix employees in the US make. If you want to know more about Netflix venturing into video games you can read this article, because Netflix Gaming service is not what people had expected.

How much exactly does Netflix Pay?

Netflix offered some US staffers wages between $40 per hour and $800,000 per year. Netflix is staffing up for its next wave of growth that could potentially be from their international TV as well as new areas like video games.

The streaming giant has listed more than 400 open jobs, Insider has updated its analysis of how much Netflix employees make in the US

The data released by the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification shows how much Netflix has offered to pay the employees who they wish to hire in the US through work visas. The data includes base salaries only. No forms of compensation such as stock options or cash bonuses are included.

Netflix has offered certain staffers between October 2020 and December 2021 base salaries ranging from $40 per hour all the way to $800,000 per year for a variety of different roles, as per the data.

The full analysis breaks down salaries for jobs including product and engineering; content and marketing; and finance, legal, and administrative roles.

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