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5 Best Android Apps September 2021 Edition
5 Best Android Apps September 2021 Edition

It’s that time of the year again when we at Halfofthe bring you the best android apps September 2021 edition. There are too many android apps to try them all, but this list will make it easier for you to find something useful and new. The Google Play Store is full of good android apps so if you’re looking to complete tasks on your phone, these should be able to help. We do all the hard work so that you can get a nice collection of android apps in one place!

5 Best Android Apps September 2021

Swift key – Reply faster

Swift key stands on top of the 5 best Android apps September 2021 edition. The Swift key is a third-party keyboard app that acts as your android device’s default and system keyboard and comes with the ability to learn from you, correct spelling mistakes automatically, and suggest emoji based on what you type. It is a feature-packed keyboard and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. 

[appbox googleplay com.touchtype.swiftkey]

This is one of the best android apps in September 2021 as it has over 300 million users worldwide and comes with regular updates to keep you on top of your game. 

Swiftkey’s biggest strength is its ability to learn from your typing habits, which helps correct any mistakes that you make while using this keyboard app. These corrections are solely based on what percent accuracy you type into the given text box or area where inputting data takes place in an application such as WhatsApp or Gmail etc., so if you have a bad spelling habit then correctly typed word gets priority when predicting words for future use by Keyboard. Thus, it is not just an android app that works best for people with bad typing habits but also gets better the more you use it.

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