Tuesday, December 5

In a recent edition of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, exciting details about Apple’s highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset have emerged. Originally slated for a January 2024 release, the company is now making final preparations for distribution and conducting rigorous device testing.

Apple’s Vision Pro Release Delayed, Expected to Launch in March: Gurman
Apple’s Vision Pro Release Delayed, Expected to Launch in March: Gurman

Apple has officially announced that the Vision Pro will be available for purchase early next year, specifically in the United States. However, Gurman now speculates that the device will likely make its debut around March, allowing the company ample time for fine-tuning and ensuring a flawless launch.

The initial launch of the Apple Vision Pro will be limited to the United States, with availability in other international markets following later in 2024. To maintain a seamless and exclusive brand experience, Apple has decided not to make the device available in third-party retailers. Instead, customers will be able to purchase it either by appointment in Apple retail stores or through the Apple online store.

This decision by Apple to curate the rollout of the Vision Pro is intended to offer customers a special and personalized experience. Given the range of customization options available for the headset, including different headband sizes and prescription lens variations, it becomes essential for Apple retail stores to have a comprehensive inventory of hundreds of different SKUs.

While the original plan seemed to aim for a January release, the inclusion of specific features and materials in the latest version of visionOS beta suggests that Apple’s software teams were indeed targeting that timeline. The product onboarding videos and materials, usually prepared towards the end of the software development cycle, are a clear indication of Apple’s progress in fine-tuning the Vision Pro’s software.

Additionally, the iOS 17.2 beta includes exciting Vision Pro companion features such as AirPlay Receiver and the ability to capture spatial videos using the iPhone 15 Pro models. These features highlight Apple’s ongoing commitment to integrating their products seamlessly and enhancing the overall user experience.

With the March release window now in sight, Apple is likely to follow its traditional playbook for major product launches. Just as they did with the Apple Watch, the company is expected to organize another media event in the spring preceding the Vision Pro’s release. This event will serve as an opportunity for Apple to showcase the headset, priced at $3499+, to an eager audience. It will also allow the company to present previously undisclosed apps and features that may not have been ready for demonstration during the initial unveiling at the June WWDC conference.

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro headset, it’s clear that Apple is sparing no effort in ensuring that the device is truly groundbreaking. With its meticulously curated rollout experience, comprehensive customization options, and cutting-edge features, the Vision Pro is poised to revolutionize the wearable technology landscape. So mark your calendars for a possible March debut and stay tuned for further updates from Apple as the release date approaches.


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