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Apple Inc., after being hit by a global supply crunch, the company is now confronting another problem: that being a slowing demand for the iPhone 13. Chip shortages along with bottlenecks in the global supply chain might just be driving few customers to seek alternatives to the latest iPhone. This might be the reason that is causing demand for smartphones to drop.  

Apple reportedly telling suppliers demand for iPhone 13 has slowed
Apple reportedly telling suppliers demand for iPhone 13 has slowed

Why has Apple reportedly told suppliers demand for iPhone 13 has slowed?

Apple as per reports has already cut production targets by up to 10 million units, down from a target of 90 million, because of a lack of parts, Bloomberg News reported. The reason for this is the chip shortages spurred by a spike in COVID-19 cases globally, along with the power usage restrictions in China.  

Apple might now be telling component suppliers that the demand for the iPhone 13 has weakened, an anonymous source familiar with the matter had informed Bloomberg. The source also reports that Apple is now also telling the vendors that many of the projected orders may not transpire.  

It was reported in October that demand for the iPhone 13 and its lineup was “robust.” The reports also said that the company expected to see continued growth in all of its product categories through the 1st quarter of 2022.   

On Oct. 24, IQE Plc saw its shares fall 24% after it had warned about the softening smartphone demand. Though the semiconductor company hasn’t named any particular customer.   

U.S. consumer prices rose last month at the fastest recorded on an annual pace since way back in 1990. Surging costs for food, gas as well as housing are eroding purchasing power. This is in spite of the stronger wage growth.  

All while, the iPhone 13 isn’t as hard to get as it was earlier. Apple shoppers in the U.S. had been waiting for about a month for the Pro model to be delivered. Now the wait times are down to two weeks or even less.  

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