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GPT-Engineer is an advanced tool that creates entire applications from a single prompt, streamlining development by automating code generation, file creation, and environment setup. Installation involves cloning the GitHub repo, setting up the tool with an API key, and running it using the provided commands. Users can customize project prompts, and although occasional errors and manual adjustments may occur, GPT-Engineer significantly simplifies the app creation process.

In a world where AI isn’t just a tech buzzword but the star of its own drama, imagine a movie where Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Sam Altman, juggling algorithms and boardroom antics with the flair of a Silicon Valley superhero. Riz Ahmed, as Satya Nadella, brings a dash of Microsoft might, debating code and cloud computing like it’s an Oscar-worthy performance. Picture Benedict Cumberbatch as the AI whisperer, Greg Brockman, programming by day and philosophizing by night. This isn’t just a tech story; it’s a blockbuster hit where code is king, and the boardroom is the new battlefield. Popcorn, anyone?

OpenAI rolled out the voice chat feature on ChatGPT for all mobile users after initially limiting it to Plus and Enterprise subscribers. This feature offers realistic conversational capabilities with multiple voice options and has started gradually reaching free users. While the feature’s deployment is ongoing, OpenAI has seen internal turmoil, with co-founder Greg Brockman announcing its release post his resignation as President, amid company upheaval over CEO Sam Altman’s firing and subsequent reinstatement along with Brockman.

Writing the best ChatGPT prompts involves clarity, specificity, and context. A good prompt should clearly define the desired outcome and provide specific instructions. Additionally, providing context and examples helps the model understand the desired output. Using these techniques can enhance the quality and effectiveness of AI-generated responses.

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT experienced a widespread outage on Tuesday afternoon, as reported by Down Detector. Users began experiencing issues around 2 p.m. PT and received an error message from the bot. Outages are common during feature updates, and OpenAI recently announced a version of ChatGPT with voice command capabilities.