The Best Robo Vacs to Gift your Home


Last updated on May 25, 2023 2:41 pm

The greatest robot vacuums are sophisticated machines that will clean your floors thoroughly without complaining. They’ve largely shaken off the category’s early reputation for running out of juice halfway through a job, missing large sections of your floor, or losing a battle with a chair leg. Today’s robot vacs are equipped with sensors that detect when it’s time to return home and can contact for assistance if they get trapped.

Some models may also utilize variations of the SLAM technology to map your property, so they won’t overlook anything and you can instruct them precisely where to go and what not to bother about. They can be operated by a smart voice assistant and an app, thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity. Some robots have devised techniques for avoiding common robot traps such as cables and socks. And, yes, a few can even tell if your beloved pet has made a mistake and avoid smearing it all over your carpet.



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