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Top 4 Live TV Streaming Services: Cord-Cutters Guide

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Direct TV

Live TV Streaming Services
Live TV Streaming Services

No other service better exemplifies upheaval than DirecTV Stream. Now on its fourth name in less than two years, this product is also the costliest at $70 per month. The lack of an over-the-air DVR and the technical limitations may make it difficult for some users to enjoy the service. However, there are a number of advantages, including the flipper-friendly ability to swipe left and right to change channels.

For cord-cutters who want to watch their local NBA or MLB team, our selection is DirecTV Stream’s $85 Choice package, which includes more regional sports networks than the competition. While you’ll want to be sure your channel is listed and not on one of our suggested choices before you pay, there are some things to bear in mind. For more information, see our how-to’s for streaming the 2021 MLB season.

Advantages of Direct TV

There are several advantages to live TV streaming, which some of the most popular ones being: 

  • The ability to watch live sports. If you love football or any other sport and a cable subscription isn’t already in your budget this is a huge plus for live streaming live TV services. 
  • A more affordable monthly bill – With zero contracts required no hidden fees, low starting costs it is hard not to be won over by one of these plans that average around $40 compared with an average cable plan costing about double at $100 per month. 
  • These numbers also don’t take into account all those extra channels you’re paying for through your traditional service provider but aren’t using anyway, so they come out even cheaper!
  • The ability to watch live TV on more than one device. This is a huge advantage for live streaming live TV services as the traditional cable cannot be watched on multiple devices at the same time which can cause some inconvenience if you’re trying to catch your favorite show while out and about with friends, family, or just by yourself. 

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Live streaming live TV services like DirecTV NOW mean that you never have to worry about missing out again! You can easily pause and rewind any program from your smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop so no matter where life takes you it’s easy enough even when juggling three kids’ soccer games in the back of an SUV during rush hour traffic keeping up with their team will always be possible without ever compromising quality or resolution.

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